Powered By Passion

I started photographing in 2008 with my first camera, a Canon 350D. At that time, I was only playing around but soon I discovered that photography was a real passion.
When I was a kid I wanted to be an Archaeologist and I always admired the beauty of the old buildings so the natural move was to start photographing Architecture. The small details, sometimes unseen by many, fascinated me. Before I started taking photography seriously, back in 2000 I started exploring abandoned buildings. I remember entering an old abandoned chapel and just standing there, absorbing the almost non-existing fresco details, the beaten up walls that contained so much history.
The next move was paying serious attention to the tiny worlds, as I call it. The macro world fascinated me. I have never realised that a petal contained so many details.
After gaining more experience, I started working with people, photographing events, animal shelters, working on serious projects to raise awareness.
Cars are also a big thing to me. I love cars since I can remember. Nothing makes me happier than shooting a beautiful super car, the engine sound is like music to my ears.
I read a phrase (somewhere on the internet) that stuck with me: "I am not a photographer, I am a Canon owner". In the past I thought that I would turn into a pro photographer but soon realised that it is an extremely competitive world and that I could not lose the passion. If a passion becomes an obligation it becomes stress. Stress kills a passion. I decided to stick with the passion, to shoot every single frame with love.
I hope you enjoy my little portfolio. Each photo contains a piece of me that I am proud to share with you.
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